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How Did I Got Banned From BBS For 3 Days?

Posted by TheGameFan2020 - 1 month ago

Oh No, I Got Banned For Posting To The BBS For 3 Days But I Can't Wait For 3 Days!



Comments (18)

Well, it says it there. "Backseat modding".

Just report the user and move on


@GeoGee Explain the definition of "backseat modding".

My Ban Will Be Lifted In 3 Days!

Just go play games and watch YouTube. (Your profile says you have a Roblox account link).

@PBSfanboy Basically telling moderators what to do when you aren't a mod yourself.

Looks like you're back now. :) Three days ain't so longer after all...

The Good News Is That I Got Unbanned From The BBS!

Aren’t you 19?

Also please stop reminding us that Flash Player is going out of service in ? days. It’s just stressing me and some other people out.

Flash Player Is Going Out On 89 Days!

That is good news! :)

@stevetherapper it's the date when the real revolution starts though. ;) When we get the opportunity to bring in new people as the one venue who actually still keeps it alive! Ruffle, NG Player, both developed in-house... we've got it covered. Potential to use the technology elsewhere too and bring people here through it.

The day Adobe fully drops support is basically the day we take over. as unofficial caretakers of the technology that can fully replace it;)

@Cyberdevil oh I see. Will it also take over Newgrounds movies in the Wayback Machine?

@stevetherapper in the long run.... I guess in a way they will. :) With submissions embedded with Ruffle, they'll archive the newer versions continually, and so you'll be able to play old submissions that still exist the same way there too. As for submissions that have already been removed though, hard to say if the Archive will go through anything retrospectively to make it work again...

Probably not.

@stevetherapper @TheGameFan2020 We get it, Flash Player is losing service. You don’t need to remind us every time. At this point you’re just acting like a back to school commercial. Ffs let us have fun with Flash Player while it lasts, you telling us in ? days Flash Player is kicking the bucket like a calendar isn’t making matters any better. There are other things that used Flash Player that won’t even be replaced in Newgrounds Player, so please just stop it.

@Cyberdevil Well I did find a way to view deleted movies without the Wayback Machine. You just click new tab, type “newgroundsplayer:” and then type the tag of the deleted movie.

@stevetherapper Woah, the tag? As in the submission ID? Or actual tag...? Doesn't seem to be working for me...

@Cyberdevil ID

@stevetherapper GTK!